Man Engaged to a Doll Announces Birth of His Third ‘Child’


Cristian Montenegro, a man who has made headlines for his engagement to a rag doll named Natalia, has announced the birth of their third child.

The couple already have a son and daughter and Montenegro has been documenting their controversial relationship on social media under the handle @montbk5959.

In a recent post that has garnered over 3.5 million views, Cristian shared intimate images of himself dressed in a hospital gown and hair net while his fiancée gave birth with the help of a rag doll doctor.

He captioned the clip, “Welcome Sammy Montenegro.”


♬ sonido original – Cristian Montenegro

Baffled users flooded the comments section with mixed reactions, with some congratulating the now family-of-five and others expressing confusion and even fear.

One user said, “Congratulations to you and your family,” while another commented, “He is so beautiful that he looks like a little baby doll.”

Cristian’s relationship with Natalia has been the subject of much speculation and criticism, but he has been vocal about his love for her and the role she plays in his life.

He previously addressed his followers’ concerns, saying, “If it weren’t for the dolls, I would be more alone than anyone. At least I have something. With my Natalia, we watch TV and talk about everything. They don’t know how much I love her.”

Despite their plans for a dreamy wedding, the birth of their third child has delayed their nuptials.

Nevertheless, the couple remains committed to their unconventional relationship, and their story continues to captivate and intrigue the public.

In conclusion, Cristian Montenegro and his rag doll fiancée Natalia have welcomed their third child, documenting the birth on social media.

Although their relationship has sparked controversy, Cristian has defended his love for Natalia and the role she plays in his life. Their story continues to fascinate and divide public opinion.


Me entrevistaron a mi Esposa Natalia Ortiz Y mis Tres Nenes qué alegría sepan toda mi verdad 😍

♬ sonido original – Cristian Montenegro




Amo a mi esposa Por siempre hasta la Muerte

♬ sonido original – Cristian Montenegro

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