Man Goes Undercover in Incel Community and Makes Terrifying Discovery


Swedish author and journalist Pascal Engman went undercover into the Incel community and what he discovered is chilling.

There has been a recent rise in publicizing extreme misogynistic views and opinions. You may have heard of Andrew Tate…a former kickboxer who shares his extremely misogynist opinion online. Some of his views include that women should obey men, stay faithful to them while their partner cheats and that survivors of rape ‘bear responsibility’ for their attacks.

The incel movement (‘involuntary celibate’) is an online community which resents women for not having sex with them. They use misogynist and horrific language to dehumanize women online.

This attitude and language towards women is proven to cause a rise in real-life violence. A 2020 study proving that in Sweden, as women’s salary increased, so did the risk of domestic violence.

Engman went undercover in the community and what he discovered was horrific.

Incels worship other incels who kill and attack women:

“I will raise a beer to every victim who turns out to be a woman between 18 and 35”

“Genocide against women would be perfectly warranted, that is my humble opinion”

They have intense self-hatred and brag of self-harm, including a brutal practice called ‘bone smashing’ where they beat their own face in order to try and create a more prominent jawline – something they consider the ‘most masculine’ feature.

The group completely dehumanize women:

I don’t regard women as people. All they are, or should be, is slaves for men. Cooking, cleaning and spreading their legs when they’re told.

Society hates us and we are men. No one cares about us. We have to turn to violence, to force society to help us.

This is truly terrifying.

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