Man Proposed at New Year’s Eve Party – Girlfriend’s Reaction was Humiliating


This could be the most awkward public proposal ever…

A TikTok has gone viral of a man who proposed to his girlfriend at a very busy New Year’s eve party and her reaction was not exactly what he was hoping for.

The clip starts with the unnamed woman partying, having a great time at a rooftop venue in Hawaii.

Then, the music stops and her boyfriend grabs the microphone. She awkwardly looks around, realizes this big romantic gesture is for her and awkwardly walks to the man on stage, who says:

“I want to say, I’m crazy in love with you,”

“You’re the love of my life, and will you make me the happiest man in the world,”

“Will you marry me?”

“It’s a simple yes or no.”

After a very long pause, the woman says “Yes?” but it’s definitely a question more than an answer.

Watch below:


WAIT UNTIL THE END. That was the most awkward thing I’ve ever witnessed. 💀 #nye #proposal

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Some TikTok users commented:

“Omg they stopped the entire NYE party for this guy to propose and the girl was NOT HAVING IT,”

“WAIT UNTIL THE END,”…“That was the most awkward thing I’ve ever witnessed.”


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