Man Sentenced to 19 Months in Prison After Slamming 20kg Weight on Man’s head at Gym


Shane Ryan, 33-years-old, has been sentenced to 19 months in prison after throwing a 20kg weight on another mans head.

Ryan had originally claimed that he tripped and fell but then changed his story during the trial and admitted that he had done it deliberately, according to Metro. 

Both men were working out at Next Level Gym in Palmerston, Northern Australia when the attack happened.

The pair seemingly didn’t know each other personally or interact in the footage, before the attack but were ‘amicable and friendly’ whenever they saw the other at the gym.

Ryan attacks the victim as the man is on his back bench-lifting dumbells.

Warning: footage disturbing.

As you can see by the footage, the attack was entirely unprovoked and seemingly out of nowhere.

The victim suffered a fractured skull as well as ‘significant and ongoing’ psychological problems, while the attacker faked an injured ankle, then proceeded to call an ambulance for the man he had just attacked.

We wish the victim a speedy recovery.

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