Man who Designed New Double-Decker Plane Seats Defends Creation


A new seating design for airplanes has recently been unveiled online, and the reactions have been quite varied.

Airlines have been known to explore unconventional and creative ways to maximize passenger capacity on flights, such as Ryanair’s controversial suggestion of introducing standing space during flights. However, this new idea takes a different approach by introducing double-decker seating in aircraft, aiming to fit as many seats as possible.

This double-decker seating design differs from the Airbus A380, which is an actual double-decker aircraft. Instead, it resembles a space-saving bed commonly found in small apartments. The higher row of seats is positioned above and accessed by a few steps, similar to a bunk bed, while the lower seat is situated behind and partially underneath it, with passengers’ legs occupying the space underneath.

Initial reactions to the design were less than enthusiastic, with people expressing concerns ranging from safety issues to the discomfort taller individuals might experience in such a setup. Reddit users shared their thoughts on the seats, with one commenter highlighting potential dangers during turbulence or emergency situations. Another comment sarcastically suggested blending passengers into a slurry to fit more people onboard.

However, the creator of the design, Alejandro Núñez, has come to its defense following the unveiling of a new design iteration.

He addressed the criticism, stating that people often resist innovation and are initially scared of change. He believes that as the design is showcased more and further developed, people will become accustomed to it.

While gradually acclimating passengers through exposure may not guarantee immediate acceptance, commercial interest in the design cannot be ignored. Airlines have shown interest in the design, named the “Chaise Longue,” which will be featured at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo. The concept suggests placing these seats in the center aisle of larger aircraft, flanked by regular seating near the windows.

Despite the mixed reception, the double-decker seating design continues to generate attention within the aviation industry. Only time will tell if this innovative seating arrangement will gain widespread acceptance and adoption.

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