Man who Spent $15,000 to Become Dog Worried His Friends will Think He’s Weird


A man who spent $15,000 to make his dream a reality and become a dog, has yet to tell his friends because he is worried they’ll think he’s weird…

See below:

The man named Toco shares his extremely realistic dog suit that he paid around $15k for, on his YouTube.

Toco told the MailOnline that he ‘wanted to be an animal’ since he was a ‘small child’, adding:

“Since childhood, I have had this unspecific fantasy of becoming an animal.

“I wonder whether it was a desire for transformation.”

Toco has chosen to keep his face hidden, however, for fear of those in his real life making fun of him for his rather unique hobby.

He choose a Collie as it is his favorite breed of dog and worked with Zeppet, a Japanese costume company that makes models and sculptures for movies.

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