Man who was Facing Death Penalty was Saved Thanks to One-in-a-Million Sitcom Footage


A man who was facing the death penalty was saved thanks to one-in-a-million sitcom footage.

Juan Catalan was facing death row for murdering a teenage girl – Martha Puebla.

The 16-year-old was shot and sadly died on the doorstep of her home in LA, May 2003.

The police believed Catalan to be the killer and he spent six months in jail, where if he had been found guilty, he could have faced the death penalty.

A new Netflix documentary about the incredible story has been released on the streaming platform.

Catalan had been at a Dodger’s baseball game at the time of the horrific crime but police and his legal team originally found no evidence to back up his alibi.

Until, it came out that an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm just so happened to be filmed at the stadium on that night. Larry David then came to the rescue.

Unaired footage from the sitcom was shown in court and corroborated the innocent man’s alibi.

Watch the trailer for The Long Shot below:

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