Man who Wrongly Spent 25 Years on Death Row is Shot Dead after being Freed


A 62-year-old man who was wrongly convicted and spent 25 years on death row, was sadly shot dead after being released from prison.

Christopher Williams walked free in February 2021 with two warrants for his execution.

He was originally charged with six murders but was exonerated of four cases and acquitted twice.

The case had been ‘built on a house of cards’, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Being imprisoned from the age of 29 until 61, Williams spent 25 of those years on death row.

Sadly, on 16 December at around 2.20pm, he was shot in the head after stepping out a car at Mount Peace Cemetery while attending the procession of another formerly incarcerated man.

No arrest for his death has yet been made and the motive behind his murder has not been been discovered.

Williams had been hoping to start a programme for other former prisoners to help them re-enter into society.

He received no compensation for the decades he was wrongfully incarcerated.


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