Mark Cuban Says he Asked Elon Musk How Many Kids he Plans to Have. Musk Replied ‘Mars Needs People’


Mark Cuban said he once asked Elon Musk how many kids he plans to have, to which the world’s richest man replied “Mars needs people”.

The 63-year-old billionaire joined the “Full Send” podcast on Thursday and told the story of a time when he joked with the Tesla CEO about populating Mars with his children.

Watch the podcast below:

The SpaceX founder often talks about the world’s declining birth rate online and in interviews.

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Cuban said:

“He had another kid, right? This was before the last 3, or whatever it was,”

“I’m like, ‘Dude, congratulations, how many are you going to have?.’ He sends me a text back, ‘Mars needs people,'”

Cuban continued, saying Musk “hasn’t replied. I don’t think he likes me.”

The 51-year-old tweeted, last week:

The world’s richest man currently has nine children, that the public are aware of. Musk’s father recently claimed to have another child with his 35-year-old stepdaughter. Errol Musk has a similar world view, saying ‘The only thing we are on Earth for is to reproduce’.

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