McCann family Finally Break Silence after DNA Testing Obliterates Woman’s Claims


Kate and Gerry McCann have issued a statement in response to Polish woman Julia Wendell’s bogus claims that she was their daughter, Madeleine, who went missing from Portugal in 2007.

The DNA testing disproved Wendell’s claims, and the statement from the official Find Madeleine Campaign was blunt and to the point.

The statement read, “There isn’t anything to report at this time. If and when there is, it will come from The Metropolitan Police.”

Wendell has become the subject of international media attention in recent months after claiming that she was Madeleine.

She went on Dr. Phil and confirmed that she was waiting for the results of a DNA test to determine her true identity.

When the results came in, Wendell’s representative and psychic medium, Dr. Fia Johansson, revealed that she is Polish and that her mother is now believed to be her real mother.

Johansson also alleged that Wendell was sexually assaulted as a child and forced to take pills from the age of seven.

She believes that the man who sexually abused Wendell is linked to the McCann case and that the birthmarks on Wendell’s body are a sign from the universe that they need to expose him and his ties to the case.

The McCann family’s statement is their first comment on the matter and they refused to acknowledge Wendell by name.

The family has been through a lot since Madeleine went missing in 2007.

They have faced numerous false leads and unsubstantiated claims about their daughter’s whereabouts.

The case has garnered international media attention, and the McCanns have been criticized for their handling of the investigation.

Despite the setbacks, the family has remained hopeful and has continued to search for their daughter.

They have launched numerous campaigns and appeals for information, and they have worked tirelessly to keep their daughter’s memory alive.

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