McDonald’s Customer Says It’s ‘No Longer Affordable’ After Sharing Bill For His Regular Order


The cost of living has soared in recent months, and to put it quite simply, things that used to be pretty affordable are no longer affordable.

One McDonald’s customer pointed out that due to skyrocketing prices, his usual fast food order is no longer affordable for him.

TikToker Christopher Olive is a longtime frequenter of McDonald’s and usually eats a Smoky Double Quarter Pounder BLT burger with a large fries and Sprite.

While it’s not a small order, a few years back, it wouldn’t have cost more than $10 for the meal.

Christopher shared his bill for the order, and it’s safe to say the price has risen significantly.

Check out the video below:


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He said:

“So I get there’s a labour shortage, I get there’s wage increases and a number of other things but… sixteen dollars?

“Sixteen dollars for a burger, a large fries and a drink. It’s just crazy.”

Maybe time to start eating at home.

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