McDonald’s Franchise owners Claim Cardi B and Offset’s Meal Broke ‘Golden Arch Code’


McDonald’s recent collaboration with Cardi B and Offset has sparked controversy among some franchise owners, who claim that the promotion violates the company’s “Golden Arches Code.”

The Valentine’s Day duo meal, which features Cardi B’s favorite order – a classic cheeseburger with BBQ sauce and a large Coca Cola – and Offset’s go-to – a Quarter Pounder with a large Hi-C Orange – has received criticism from some store owners, who argue that the couple’s music and lyrics are offensive and not in line with McDonald’s family-friendly values.

The “Golden Arches Code” reportedly advises against partnering with musicians who use offensive language in their lyrics, as well as promoting brands associated with unsavory content or violent movies.

While it is unclear how many franchise owners are against the Cardi B and Offset promotion, most of the concerns appear to be coming from the Southeastern and mid-Atlantic states.

Some franchise owners have reportedly begun removing advertising and merchandise related to the promotion, and are urging others to do the same.

However, McDonald’s has stated that the promotion has received “widespread support and excitement” from owners and restaurant staff, and that it is intended to “focus on love and celebrating special moments.”

McDonald’s has a history of collaborating with celebrities to promote its menu items, including Travis Scott, Saweetie, J Balvin, and BTS.

These collaborations typically involve featuring the celebrity’s go-to meal order on the menu, and have been successful in building hype around the brand and drawing more customers into stores.

While the Cardi B and Offset promotion has drawn criticism from some franchise owners, it remains to be seen whether it will have a significant impact on McDonald’s overall sales or brand reputation.

Ultimately, it is up to individual franchise owners to decide whether to participate in the promotion, and McDonald’s has stated that it will continue to focus on putting the brand “at the center of culture.”

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