McDonald’s Worker Quits Mid-Shift after Being asked to Clean


A McDonald’s worker has gone viral after he quit his job mid-shift for being asked to clean.

Fionn McCallum gained internet fame after he quit his job at the fast-food chain after being asked to clean the dirty dishes in the sink.

Posting to TikTok, his original video gained 3.4 million views but was removed for “harassment and bullying” by the platform.

In the reposted clip, Fionn records a large pile of dirty dishes left over in the sink. You can hear him say “Hell nah, i ain’t cleaning that.”

He then proceeds to go to presumably his manager, Ashley – and can be heard saying “Ashley, I quit.”

He then repeats “I quit” as he sprints away while Ashley is left shouting after him “get back here!”.

Watch below:


Repost cause TikTok took it down for harassment and bullying ?! #fyp #foryoupage #nz

♬ original sound – Fionn_McCallum

People were divided on TikTok, with someone saying “How can anyone be surprised? It’s what we expect from kids today.”

Someone else commented that they were confused as to why he would “quit over cleaning something that would have taken you 20-30 min to do. Be fr.”

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