Megyn Kelly Says Late ‘Friends’ Star Matthew Perry ‘Had Hole Inside that was Unfillable’


Megyn Kelly shared reflections on the late ‘Friends’ star, Matthew Perry, in light of his recent passing, attributing his struggles to the complex amalgamation of fame and substance abuse.

During Tuesday’s broadcast of her SiriusXM news talk show “The Megyn Kelly Show,” Kelly highlighted the convergence of celebrity status and drug dependency, describing it as a familiar combination in such cases. She suggested that Perry, a beloved figure recognized for his role as Chandler Bing in the acclaimed sitcom, might have turned to drugs due to an unfillable void within individuals who seek fame.

Despite the pending release of autopsy results, Perry’s long-documented history of addiction and substance abuse, stemming from his successful portrayal of Chandler Bing, was emphasized. Kelly underscored the toll on Perry’s health, noting the extensive damage caused to his body by years of alcohol and painkiller addiction.

Reports indicated that Perry was found in a hot tub at his Los Angeles residence, with initial information from sources suggesting the absence of fentanyl or meth in his system at the time of death.

Kelly used Perry’s tragic demise to caution against the pursuit of fame, labeling it as a perilous journey that not only should be avoided but also serves as an indicator of underlying issues. She pointed out the need for introspection and reevaluation, highlighting that fame provides no substance or fulfillment.

Perry was candid about his prolonged battle with addiction, as expressed in his 2022 memoir, where he acknowledged the severity of his situation and the intervention staged by ‘Friends’ co-stars, including Jennifer Aniston, during a period of intoxication on set.

In a poignant tribute, Kelly expressed sorrow over Perry’s passing while commending his resilience in confronting the profound challenges posed by addiction: “I’m so sad he’s gone… I feel like he found a way through just the nastiest form of addiction there is.”

Kelly reflected on the cautionary tale Perry’s life provided, underlining the perils of fame and the deep emotional void that drives individuals to seek it. She conveyed a sense of empathy and lamented the loss of someone who had grappled with and seemingly transcended the clutches of harrowing addiction.

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