Mia Khalifa Slams Men who Choose to Date Women Much Younger than Them


Mia Khalifa has slammed men who choose to date women who are much younger than them.

The former adult star spoke with Emily Ratajkowski about sex work, body image and control on her podcast, High Low.

Khalifa said:

“Any guy who goes after a girl significantly younger than them is severely lacking in their life and I mean that confidence-wise,”

“They are falling short in so many places and that is the only place they can turn to feel like they have something on the scale of power.”

Emily agreed, adding:

 “Ultimately, it’s predatory.

“Because you’re manipulating someone who is not aware of what they’re giving you. And it’s unfair.”

Not everyone agreed with her, however and social media ripped her apart for her views:

“Disagree. Been in beautiful relationships with someone 10 years older and also 10 years younger. Sometimes people from different ages simply like each other a lot and fall in love.”

“As long as the relationship is consensual, respectful, and obviously legal then what’s the problem? Context is important.”

“I think men have an inert biological disposition to find younger women much more attractive because of their fertility. Not that they want to have babies but it’s just in our biology to find a younger woman attractive.”

“So what about any woman who goes after a guy who is significantly older or younger? Or is this just meant to be a platform for guy bashing from these two that have a lot to learn about life?”

Watch a sneak peak below:

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