Michael B. Jordan Awkwardly Calls out Reporter on Red Carpet that Bullied him in School


Michael B. Jordan called out a reporter on the red carpet that teased him in school…

Bullying is a traumatic experience that can linger well into adulthood, even for those who have achieved great success, like Michael B. Jordan.

The renowned actor, famous for his iconic roles in films such as Creed and Black Panther, recently confronted a reporter who used to tease him in school.

During a red carpet interview for his upcoming movie, Creed III, Jordan came face to face with Lore’l, the host of The Morning Hustle Show, who happened to be a former classmate from their time in Newark, New Jersey.

When Lore’l mentioned that they went to school together, Jordan took the opportunity to recall a painful memory from his childhood: “I was the corny kid, right?” he said, referring to a comment Lore’l had made about him on a podcast in 2021.

Lore’l tried to defend herself, claiming that she was misquoted, but Jordan was not convinced. “I heard it,” he said, doubling down on his accusation.

On the Undressing Room podcast, Lore’l had spoken about her former classmate and admitted to teasing him for his name, which happens to be the same as the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan.

“And he was no Michael Jordan,” she said. She also revealed that Jordan used to bring a headshot to school, which she and her friends found amusing.

Although Lore’l denied calling Jordan “corny” directly, she acknowledged that they used to make fun of him. “But yeah, he is obviously killing things out there,” she said.

Watch the awkward exchange below:

The exchange between Jordan and Lore’l was somewhat awkward, and viewers took note of the confrontation.

Many applauded Jordan for his success and his ability to rise above the bullying he experienced in school. “You called him corny. Now you gotta call him actor, director, superstar, Hollywood mogul. Living legend. He took that s**t personally,” one fan wrote.

Another fan pointed out that Jordan was now the one being interviewed, while Lore’l was merely the interviewer. “You called him corny, but you’re the one who’s interviewing him, not the other way around. I’m glad MBJ got the last laugh,” they said.

For Jordan, the encounter with Lore’l was a chance to confront his past and assert his present success. As he continues to dominate Hollywood, he has proven that he is no longer the “corny kid” he once was.

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