Mod Sun Devastated over Split from Avril Lavigne, Blindsided by Tyga Romance


Avril Lavigne’s new romance with Tyga is causing heartbreak for her ex-fiancé, Mod Sun.

Sources close to Mod Sun shared with TMZ that he is struggling to cope with Avril’s swift and public move on from their relationship.

The split from Avril was not a mutual decision and Mod Sun was blindsided by it. He is devastated by Avril’s budding romance with Tyga, which has been all over the media during Paris Fashion Week.

The pair have been spotted locking lips in the city where Mod Sun proposed to Avril almost a year ago, making it even more difficult for him to watch.

Mod Sun believes that he did nothing wrong in the relationship, which is why Avril’s new relationship is so tough for him to swallow.

The couple had reportedly been together without interruption and were living together before the split. However, sources close to Avril have claimed that they had been “off and on” for months before the breakup.

The situation is especially triggering for Mod Sun, as he feels that Avril’s public displays of affection with Tyga in Paris are a slap in the face and possibly vengeful towards him.

The abrupt end to their engagement, coupled with Avril’s new relationship, has left Mod Sun feeling down in the dumps.

Mod Sun has previously opened up about the breakup on Instagram, where he shared that his fans and tour life were helping him get through the tough time.

He also has the support of his mother, who has been accompanying him on tour to provide moral support.

In conclusion, the breakup has been tough for Mod Sun, who is struggling to cope with Avril’s new relationship with Tyga.

The media coverage of the couple’s romantic displays during Paris Fashion Week has made the situation even more difficult for Mod Sun to watch, as it is triggering memories of his own proposal to Avril almost a year ago.

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