Model Wears Revealing Outfit to World Cup Game Despite Qatar Dress Code

Model Ivana Knoll wore a rather revealing outfit to the World Cup game despite Qatar’s strict dress code rules. Knoll posed for a photo shoot wearing a white and red checked dress, completely exposing her chest and knees, during the Croatia vs. Canada game on Sunday. Qatar has a modest approach to their dress code and anyone who visits is expected to respect this, by covering their chest, shoulders and knees. Qatar’s tourism page writes both men and women are “expected to show respect for local culture by avoiding excessively revealing clothing in public.” Despite clearly not following these rules, it does not appear that Ivana was kicked out for her outfit choice. See her outfit below:
Many commented on Ivana’s post:
‘Inappropriate. Have respect for the culture of the country you are in. Travel 101.’   ‘Really? Don’t you know the rules that you cannot dress like that in Qatar. What a shame, where’s your respect? 🤏’   ‘U disrespect the whole Country…’   ‘I’d say if you don’t respect yourself just respect the culture!’
What are your thoughts on her outfit choice?

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