Mom is Constantly Mistaken for Margot Robbie and Stopped in the Street


A mom has claimed that she is regularly mistaken for actress Margot Robbie and stopped in the street from fans believing she is the Australian.

Amanda Hall says it is the ‘biggest compliment’ being mistaken for the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ actress.

The 39-year-old claims she has ‘always loved’ the star and says she makes money of her likeness.

The mom of two even uses blue contact lenses to add too the effect.

Hall said:

β€œI am an only child so Barbie was like my best friend growing up.

β€œSo now, I am super excited to be able to dress up as Barbie andΒ MargotΒ RobbieΒ at the same time.

β€œI have been stopped more than usual in the super market and pub since the film has been announced.

β€œI don’t mind at all though as it is the biggest compliment ever.

β€œI have always loved her so I’m super happy.”

Fair play!

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