‘Most Disturbing Website’ Ever can Find Every Single Photo that Exists of You

Artificial intelligence is a captivating yet daunting field, and the ChatGPT platform has witnessed an unprecedented surge in users, boasting over 100 million active users in January alone.
This AI-powered bot has the ability to engage in human-like conversations, comprehending context and even acknowledging its own errors or dismissing inappropriate queries.

Amidst the rapid advancements in technology, there remains a debate about the necessity of providing users with more information than they truly need.

A case in point is the image search site, PimEyes, which leverages AI to detect any existing online photos of an individual. This site has earned the dubious distinction of being called “the most disturbing AI website on the internet.”

Some people don't think this site is a very good idea. Credit: Twitter/@rowancheung

PimEyes operates by taking a user’s photo and scouring the web for supposedly available pictures of that individual.

While some may find it intriguing, others have labeled it a “stalker’s dream.”

However, experiences with the platform have varied.

One user noted that while it was speedy and adept at identifying doppelgangers with similar facial features, it wasn’t flawless in locating every single photo of the user on the internet.

Interestingly, some have found value in PimEyes, praising it for enabling them to discover instances where their likeness was used without consent. They could then take action and request websites to remove such pictures.

In light of the rapid rise of AI and its potential implications, notable tech figures like Elon Musk, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and Skype co-founder Jaan Tallinn have signed an open letter advocating for a pause in the development of AI systems.

They believe that the current race to develop increasingly powerful AI minds lacks the understanding, predictability, and control required to ensure safe and positive effects.

The letter calls for a six-month halt in AI labs’ activities, focusing on refining accuracy, safety, and transparency.

However, there are also dissenting voices that argue we have already delved too deeply into the realm of AI technology, exemplified by platforms like ChatGPT.

As AI continues to evolve and permeate various aspects of our lives, the discussion around its implications and responsible development remains critical. The fascination and unease surrounding AI underscore its significance as a transformative force in the modern world.

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