Mr Beast Put 40 Different Girls Through ‘the Test’ before His Current Relationship


MrBeast, the renowned social media star and one of the wealthiest streamers in the world, recently revealed that he put 40 different women through a series of tests before he found his current partner.

In an interview on the ‘Flagrant‘ podcast, MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, shared that he is quite selective when it comes to relationships with women.

Despite his massive following and millions of subscribers on his YouTube channels, MrBeast explained that he finds it challenging to connect with women.

He stated, “I have to put them through these tests because, like, I don’t really get along with women.”

This revelation surprised many of his fans, as they assumed that finding a partner would be easy for someone of his stature.

MrBeast went on to explain how he met his current girlfriend, Thea Booysen.

He recalled being at a dinner with a friend when he first laid eyes on her and was instantly captivated by her beauty.

However, he felt the need to subject her to his tests before pursuing a relationship with her.

“There’s just certain things where if you have these traits, we’ll get along really well, and if you don’t, it’s impossible for us to hang out… So I had to put her through the ringer and start asking questions,” he shared.

The YouTuber elaborated, saying that he quizzed her about her hobbies, interests, and her willingness to learn, as that was an important factor for him.

He wanted to get a feel for her personality and values to determine if they were compatible.

Luckily for them, she passed all of his “tests” with flying colors.

She revealed that she was an author and was pursuing a neuroscience degree purely for fun.

MrBeast admitted that Thea was not the first woman he had put through such rigorous testing.

He stated, “This was probably the 40th different girl I had talked to since my ex.”

This revelation left many fans curious about his past relationships and the criteria he used to evaluate potential partners.

In addition to his dating life, MrBeast also shared some surprising details about his YouTube channel’s future.

He jokingly revealed that his friends and collaborators were eagerly awaiting his demise, as he had an arrangement in place for his YouTube channel in the event of his death.

“Oh, yeah, they want me to die,” he quipped.

MrBeast explained that his friends, including Carl, Chandler, Chris, and Nolan, would place their hands on his tombstone, and the last person to take their hand off would inherit his channel and all of its contents.

He emphasized that this was a serious plan and had mentioned it on social media before, though it may not have been widely known.

He added, “I don’t even know if I’ve really said it publicly. I tweeted it one time, but I’m serious. I don’t give a ⁠— how much you guys cry, right? [His friends should] put their hands on the tombstone and give the channel to whoever wins. And don’t bully them for it; they’re just doing what I want.”

This revelation left many of MrBeast’s fans in awe of his unique sense of humor and unconventional plans for his YouTube channel’s future.

It also shed light on his close relationship with his friends and collaborators, who have played a significant role in his success.

His recent interview on the ‘Flagrant’ podcast provided insight into his approach to relationships with women and his plans for his YouTube channel in the event of his death.

His admission of putting 40 different women through tests before finding his current partner surprised many, while his humorous plan for his channel’s future left fans intrigued.

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