Mom Left Horrified After Reading Son’s Autopsy Report Following Navy SEAL ‘Hell Week’ Training


The mother of Kyle Mullen, who sadly died after completing ‘Hell Week’ of the US Navy SEAL training, has been left ‘horrified’ after reading his autopsy report.

Mullen, aged 24, sadly died February 2022 of pneumonia in a hospital in California following the extensive training.

His mom, Regina, says she is ‘horrified’ at the way her son was treated and wants the people in charge of organizing ‘Hell Week’ to be held accountable.

Regina awaits the results of an investigation into her son’s death by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, calling her son’s treatment a ‘disgrace to the country’.

The 24-year-old’s mother says she wants them ‘all in jail’ and to ‘never be able to work in the Navy’ again, following her son’s death under their care.

Regina claims the circumstances surrounding her son’s death were ‘like murder to me and no one seems to care’. Kyle had reportedly been coughing large amounts of ‘red-tinged fluid’ before his death.

‘Hell Week’ is several weeks of boot camp training and is designed specifically to push the candidates to their ‘limits’.

NBC News reported that around 17 candidates have died because of training accidents in the past few decades.

RIP Kyle.

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