NASA’s InSight Mars Lander Sends Heartbreaking Farewell Message Back Home


NASA’s InSight Mars lander has sent back a heartbreaking farewell message as it seems to reach the end of its four year long mission.

The complex robot has sent back a series of heartbreaking messages now that it has reached the end of its task.

Sadly, the solar panels the the robot relies for power are getting covered in dust from the red planet and becoming clogged.

Here's the final image received from NASA's InSight. Credit: Twitter/@NASAInSight

Meaning that InSight will no longer be able to access power and this may be the last message we receive from the miraculous little robot.

An update from November 2 reads:

“The spacecraft’s power generation continues to decline as windblown dust on its solar panels thickens,

“The end is expected to come in the next few weeks.”

On Monday, another sad message came through from Mars:

“My power’s really low, so this may be the last image I can send.

“Don’t worry about me though: my time here has been both productive and serene.

“If I can keep talking to my mission team, I will – but I’ll be signing off here soon.

“Thanks for staying with me.”

Last month, another message was received:

“I’ve been lucky enough to live on two planets. Four years ago, I arrived safely at the second one, to the delight of my family back on the first.

“Thanks to my team for sending me on this journey of discovery. Hope I’ve done you proud.”


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