Netflix Fans Left Having ‘Nightmares for Days’ after Watching ‘Terrifying’ New Horror Movie

Netflix enthusiasts have been plunged into a state of terror and haunted by “nightmares for days” after experiencing the spine-chilling new horror film, Tin and Tina. Directed by Rubin Stein, this disturbing Spanish movie recently debuted on the popular streaming platform. It serves as an extended adaptation of a 2013 short film bearing the same name. Set against the backdrop of 1980s Spain, the gripping narrative revolves around Lola (played by Milena Smit), a woman who tragically suffers a miscarriage on her wedding day. Deepening her despair, Lola receives devastating news from her doctor: she is incapable of conceiving. In an effort to combat her worsening depression, Lola and her husband Adolfo (portrayed by Jaime Lorente) embark on the path of adoption, welcoming the unsettling twins, Tin (Carlos González Morollón) and Tina (Anastasia Russo), into their lives. These siblings adhere to strict religious doctrines, but their presence introduces an eerie and sinister ambiance to the couple’s home, leading to a series of enigmatic and violent events. Numerous viewers took to social media to express their traumatised state after subjecting themselves to the 120-minute thriller. One disturbed individual shared, “Watched Tin and Tina on Netflix. You think the Shining Twins were creepy…You ain’t seen nothing yet. They utterly creeped me out, and I will have nightmares for days.” Another equally shaken viewer admitted, “A movie hasn’t creeped me out as much in a while until now. Tin and Tina freaked me tf outtttt, anxiety thru the ** roof.” The unsettling impact of the film was further evident in the words of a third person who anxiously expressed, “I pray that #TinandTina won’t haunt my dreams tonight. I can’t even bear to watch the second half while the house is so eerily quiet. Why have I done this to myself?” A fourth individual hauntingly exclaimed, “This Tin and Tina movie is terrifying. What children absorb in their formative years tends to shape them, and changing their minds becomes an arduous task.” Tin and Tina received a 50 percent rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes and a 21 percent audience score, indicating a lack of popularity among viewers. Film reviewer Chris Joyce, known for his YouTube channel Movies and Munchies, shared his assessment, awarding the movie a 3/5 star rating. “Tin & Tina generates palpable discomfort and apprehension, largely due to a storyline infused with religious extremism. All four main actors deliver unsettling performances, exhibiting behaviours and mannerisms that lead to devastating outcomes,” he stated. Critic Lee Brown from the Review Geek added, “Tin & Tina is often an uncomfortable viewing experience, with scenes that are likely to turn your stomach. The moment when the children ‘cleanse the soul’ of the family dog is particularly sickening. However, this isn’t a sensational or exploitative film where violence is employed to shock the audience. It is far more intelligent than your typical genre fare, weaving a tale of two children driven to extreme acts due to their innocent faith in God, making it all the more terrifying.” Tin and Tina is now accessible for streaming on Netflix, offering a chilling experience for those brave enough to delve into its unsettling depths.

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