Netflix Users Warned Not to Watch Terrifying New Horror Film ‘Don’t Listen’ Alone


A new horror film has been causing quite a stir among Netflix users.

The movie, which is called Voces or Don’t Listen, depending on where you are in the world, is a Spanish-language film that has been leaving viewers scared out of their wits.

While some people are thrilled by the terrifying plot, others have taken to Twitter to warn their fellow horror fans that they should definitely not watch the movie alone.

The film tells the story of Daniel, who hears a ghostly plea for help after a tragic event takes place in his newly renovated home.

He decides to seek out the help of a famous paranormal expert, but things quickly take a turn for the worse.

Despite being a horror movie lover, the author of this text admits that they avoid watching such movies alone, with the volume too high or without their fingers firmly planted in front of their eyes. They even confess that this film is not on their ‘To watch’ list.

Viewers who have braved the movie alone have been quick to take to social media to share their thoughts.

Many have praised the movie, describing it as “scary” and “worth a watch,” but have also advised others to watch it with company.

One Twitter user compared the movie to the popular horror movie franchise The Conjuring, while another described it as “a Spanish version of The Conjuring.”

One viewer said that the film “really leaned into ramping up the tension” and found themselves “covering my eyes in anticipation more than I have in a while.”

Another viewer added that the film “actually had me scared.”

Despite the warnings from viewers, some people are determined to watch the movie alone. One person wrote that they “love Spanish scary movies,” while another claimed that “modern horror is cr*p” but that Don’t Listen is “absolutely stunning, dark, violent, shocking & creepy as all hell!”

In conclusion, while some people may enjoy watching a horror movie alone, Don’t Listen is not the movie to do it with. It’s a bone-chilling film that has left viewers scared out of their wits and prompted many to warn others not

Watch the trailer below:

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