Netflix’s The Imposter Viewers left ‘Disturbed’ over Bizarre True Story of Missing Child who ‘Returned’


Netflix viewers of The Imposter have been left ‘disturbed’ after watching the true story of a missing child who ‘returned’ home.

Watch the trailer below:

The BAFTA-winning true crime documentary was released 10 years ago and tells the heartbreaking story of a a 13-year-old boy who went missing in Texas in 1994.

The police assume that Nicholas Barclay had been murdered – his body was never found.

However, the family received a phone call three years later and were told their son had been found in Spain.

All appeared to not be as it seemed, however. When Nicholas went missing, he had blonde hair and blue eyes. When he was “found” in 1997, the boy had brown eyes, dyed hair and a French accent.

The doc goes on to tell the story of what happened next and its fair to say that viewers found the whole thing chilling.

Some people reacted online, writing on Twitter:

“Just watched The Imposter on Netflix and honestly wtf was that.”

 “I watched this and completely disturbed. This movie gave me chills.”

Have you seen it?

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