News Reporter Suffers Medical Emergency Live on Air


A news reporter appeared to suffer with a medical emergency while live on air.

CTV reporter Jessica Robb was talking to news anchor Nahreman Issa when she seemed to have trouble speaking and had to keep restarting her sentences.

She had to apologize to Nahreman:

‘sorry, Nahremann, I’m not feeling very well right now and I’m about to sss-‘

Robb appeared to be unsteady on her feet and the camera cut away.

An update followed later from CTV Edmonton that said Jessica was ‘feeling better and is now resting’.

Many viewers were very concerned for Robb, with some ‘hoping she will be ok’ and others ‘wishing her a full and speedy recovery’.

Others had said that it was ‘scary and sad’ to watch.

Watch below:

We wish her well and hope she is feeling better.

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