NFL Accused of ‘Racial Bias’ as Taylor Swift gets More Camera Time than Simone Biles During Games


In Green Bay, Wisconsin, Simone Biles attended her husband’s football game on October 29, supporting him, yet some fans observed a stark difference in media coverage compared to other high-profile attendees like Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

Biles and her husband, Jonathan Owens, first met on a dating app in 2020. Their relationship has been an essential support system, notably after Biles’ choice to prioritize her mental health, withdrawing from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Initially, Owens played for the Houston Texans practice squad and later joined the main roster in 2021. Throughout this time, Biles consistently supported Owens at his games, even featuring in an NFL hype video for the 2022-23 season in Texans attire.

The couple, who married in April, currently navigates a long-distance relationship due to their demanding professional careers. Owens, a solid defensive player for the Green Bay Packers, while Biles holds the title as the most decorated American artistic gymnast and is widely celebrated as the greatest in the sport’s history.

During an interview with Today on October 19, Biles expressed her intention to conclude her season and dedicate her time to supporting her husband in Green Bay, fulfilling her promise by making her first appearance at a regular-season Packers game.

Despite her presence, many viewers noted the limited camera coverage given to Biles, a stark contrast to the substantial attention focused on Taylor Swift during her appearances at Kansas City Chiefs games and various public outings, extensively covered by sports and celebrity media outlets.

Some observers have raised concerns about racial bias in media coverage, suggesting that this discrepancy might be attributed to differences in clout between the involved parties. Jonathan Owens’ Green Bay Packers, historically a team with weaker performance, received notably less attention compared to Travis Kelce, a star performer for the Super Bowl-contending Kansas City Chiefs.

Fans anticipate the upcoming game between the Packers and the Chiefs on December 3, where Owens and Kelce will be on opposing teams. The possibility of seeing both Biles and Swift in attendance creates an expectation for equal recognition in media coverage, similar to the exposure received by Taylor Swift during her appearances at Chiefs games. Social media users have been vocal, highlighting the disparity in coverage and expressing a desire for parity in media attention for both high-profile couples.

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