NFL Announcer Boomer Esiason Goes Off on Brittney Griner – Merchant of Death Trade “We Look So Pathetic”


NFL announcer Boomer Esiason has gone off on the Brittney Griner – Russian arms dealer, Viktor Bout prisoner swap.

The athlete has been in prison for 10 months after being convicted of cannabis possession.

Bout aka “Merchant of Death” is a former Soviet military officer who is serving a 25-year prison sentence in the US and is charged of conspiring to kill Americans. export anti-aircraft missiles and to provide material support to a terrorist organisation.

Bout claims to be innocent.

See the prisoner exchange below:

The NFL announcer has gone off on the US governments decision to swap the WNBA star for the “Merchant of Death”.

Paul Whelan, a former marine, has been in a Russian prison for four years and was not included in the swap. Micah Parsons tweeted:

The linebacker did apoligize for this tweet but Esiason agreed with him on his radio show. He said:

“I’m telling you, more people feel that way than don’t,”

“I can tell you that right now. I know that we’re all happy that Brittney’s home like we said earlier on. But when you think about the magnitude of what we traded to get back a WNBA professional athlete, and left a Marine sitting there, whose family has been trying for years to get him out of there with nothing, nothing from the U.S. government.”

The NFL announcer continued that is was “not an even swap” and that it makes us “look so pathetic.”

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