NFL’s Jake Matthews Travels to Atlanta for Son’s Birth, Makes the Game Hours Later in Charlotte


NFL Atlanta Falcons player Jake Matthews made it just in time for the birth of his son and even made the game that same night.

Matthews was in his hotel in Charlotte ahead of the Thursday Night Football match against the Carolina Panthers when his pregnant wife got in touch to tell him that she was in labor in Atlanta.

“It was just scrambling making a decision of what to do,”

 “Hoping to catch a flight and that didn’t work out so forget it, we’ll jump in a car and let’s drive.”

His wife Meggi was scheduled to be induced on Sunday but sometimes these things don’t go as scheduled and baby Matthews came earlier than planned.

The 30-year-old left Charlotte at around 9.30am and arrived at his destination in Atlanta at 12.30pm.

Baby Beckett Thomas arrived at around 3pm and the athlete only had about 15 minutes with his newborn son before the club owner Arthur Blanke picked him up at the hospital and got him back to Charlotte, around an hour before kickoff.

What a day!

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