Nobody can Believe this ‘Future NFL Star’ is 12-Years-Old


Nobody can believe that this ‘future NFL star’ is only 12-years-old.

Jeremiah Johnson is already destined for greatness despite being so young.

Footage of the athlete shows him bulldozing through the opposing team and scoring touchdowns.

Jeremiah has a tattooed arm and moustache, causing some online to not believe he is the age he claims to be…

After winning the most valuable player award in the under-12s category at the Youth National Championships in Fort Worth, Texas – Jeremiah has gone viral.

Watch below:


12-year-old football player goes viral Jeremiah Johnson @michaelmccruddenbtwf #jeremiahjohnson #nfl #tiktokfamous #foryoupage #fyo

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In the following video, a friend asks “hey man, how old are you” to which Jeremiah reply’s “12”. Watch below:


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After watching clips of his athletic ability, many have commented that he is destined for great things within the sport.

Nic Conway wrote:

‘Young GOAT [greatest of all time], bright bright future ahead of this kid.’

Bryson Fields commented:

‘Put in the work, keep God first, everything will take care of itself young man.’

Good for him!

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