Nursing Home Forced to Apologize after Stripper Hired for Residents


A nursing home in Taiwan has had to apologize after receiving backlash online for hiring a stripper to “entertain residents”.

Footage of the Taoyuan Veterans Home have gone viral after the staff hired an adult entertainer for their residents, many whom were in wheelchairs.

The staff had explained that the stripper was hired to celebrate the Moon Festival that happens in the middle of Fall. A traditional Chinese festival celebrating the rice and wheat harvests of the season just passed.

In the video clip, the stripper can be seen laying on the floor in front of row of elderly residents, all in wheelchairs. She then proceeds to perform a lap dance on one particular resident and bounces around on the elderly man.

The man proceeds to grab the dancers breasts, causing an eruption of laughter and cheers from the watching staff.

After going viral online, the facility has gone under fire for being “inappropriate” and they have release a statement apologizing.

It reads that:

“The intention of the event was to entertain residents and make them happy. We are very sorry for the offence that was caused.”

Watch below:

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