Officials Asking for Help to Identify Mystery Figure Baffling Entire City


Officials are asking for help to identify a mystery figure that has baffled an entire city.

The figure was spotted on a zoo’s surveillance camera in Amarillo, Texas.

News Channel 10 reported that the cameras at the zoo caught the bizarre figure lurking around inside a perimeter fence at 1.25am last month.

Watch the news report below:

Credit: KTLA 5.

Staff at the zoo spotted the strange figure on 21 May when doing a routine check up of the grounds footage and they are baffled as to what the animal is…

City officials are also baffled and have decided to offer the image up to the public in hopes that someone out there can identify the figure.

Many have guessed what they believe it could be but no one is entirely certain.

Some suggest it could be the Chupacabra, a creature of folklore that is said to drink the blood of other animals in the middle of the night.

Fans of Stranger Things have had a field day giving their suggestions, with some pointing out it looks similar to the shows Demogorgon from season one.

What do you think it could be?

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