Oklahoma is Planning to Execute One Inmate a Month for 29 Months


The state of Oklahoma is planning to execute one inmate a month for the next 29 months, according to a non-profit death penalty research organisation called Death Penalty Information Centre.

Fox News reported that the scheduled executions end up being roughly one per month. The first is set for August 25 and will continue until the end of 2024.

25 inmates scheduled to die make up more than half of the 42-plus inmates currently on death row.

The news outlet reported that the state had ‘one of the nation’s busiest death chambers’ until some issues arose with botched executions.

In the spring of 2014, an inmate named Clayton Lockett died 40 minutes following the lethal injection protocol and struggled on the gurney for a length of time.

In September 2015, a similar mishap with inmate Richard Glossip occured. The inmate was just hours away from his execution when officials noticed they had been given the wrong drug.

It was later discovered that that same lethal drug had been used on another inmate earlier in the year.

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