Paris Hilton Claps back at Rude Fans Commenting on Infant Son’s Large Head


Paris Hilton recently took to social media to shut down trolls who were targeting her new baby, particularly making fun of the size of his head. While sharing some endearing snapshots of herself with her baby boy, Phoenix, she not only received an outpouring of love from her followers but also had to confront a barrage of trolls who inundated the comment section with derogatory comments about Phoenix’s head.

These trolls took to TikTok to vent their negative opinions about the infant, with Paris Hilton’s social media posts becoming an unfortunate battleground for their crude remarks. However, Paris, being a protective mother, couldn’t stand by and let these trolls spread their negativity without putting up a fight.

In a heartfelt response to one of her supporters who came to her defense, Paris Hilton conveyed her dismay with an emoji-filled message. She wrote, “🥺😢There are some sick people in this world.☹️My angel is perfectly healthy.” In a world where the internet has given people the ability to hide behind screens and spew negativity, Paris demonstrated unwavering maternal love and support for her baby.

She went on to provide clarity and reassurance by adding, “And yes, of course he has been to a doctor, he just has a large brain.” With this statement, she not only addressed the unwarranted concerns but also affirmed that her baby’s health was a priority and that she had taken all necessary steps to ensure his well-being.

Paris Hilton and her husband, Carter Reum, announced the arrival of their son, Phoenix, at the beginning of the year. Since then, Paris has been actively sharing glimpses of her motherhood journey with her followers, and her posts have been filled with adorable shots of her baby. As a first-time mother, Paris has embraced the challenges and joys of motherhood, sharing her experiences and love for her child with her fans.

Back in March, Paris Hilton expressed her delight at being a mother during an interview with TMZ. She conveyed her love for motherhood and her excitement for the future. Furthermore, she made it clear that her journey into parenthood was far from over, hinting that she was not ready to stop at just one child. Her statement indicated her enthusiasm and dedication to her role as a mother and her desire to expand her family.

In the face of online trolls and negativity, Paris Hilton chose to stand up for her baby and her motherhood experience. She demonstrated the strength and love that a mother feels for her child, setting an example for others facing similar challenges on social media. With her unwavering support and love, Paris continues to prove that her focus remains on the well-being and happiness of her family, particularly her precious baby boy, Phoenix.

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