People are Applauding This Woman’s Quick Thinking when She Noticed a Car that Kept Passing Her on Jog


People online are applauding this woman’s quick response when she noticed a car that kept passing her on a run.

Samantha Mac had been training for several months for a half marathon and usually followed the same running path – so she was very familiar with the route.

On this particular run, she noticed a strange car that appeared to be stalking her.

Recording her run as she normally did for TikTok, the 24-year-old did not expect it it be watched over 8.9 million times.

When she gets to mile 5 of her planned 8 mile run, she notices a red car that keeps driving by her. She says that the man in the car keeps driving past her and looking behind him, acting suspiciously.

Then she films where she would have to run to get to her own car and the red car is waiting off the side of the road, nearby.

The woman says she doesn’t want to risk it and stops by a house, explains the situation and that he is making her nervous.

She then calls her parents to come pick her up as well as the police.

The 24-year-old later explains that where the red car was parked, no one would have been able to see or hear her if something terrible had happened.

Watch below:


PSA trust your gut 🙂

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The comments are filled with people congratulating her for going with her gut instinct and telling her how smart she was.

Be careful out there.

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