People are Being Warned Not to Dress as Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer for Halloween


The release of the popular show Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ on Netflix has received a lot of hype online and people are being warned not to dress up as him for Halloween.

Dahmer was a serial killer who was convicted of the horrific killing of seventeen men and boys between 1978 and 1991. The Netflix series is a dramatization of Dahmer’s story.

The killer would drug and sexually assault his victims – even sometimes performing twisted experiments on them. He also admitted to being a cannibal and eating the flesh of his victims.

Some viewers of the Netflix series took to Twitter to share their concern about the upcoming holiday:

 “The constant lack of remorse for Dahmer’s victims on social media makes me believe many people are going dress as Jeffery Dahmer and his victims for Halloween and that is so sick.”

“And remember, dressing up as Ted Bundy or any real killer is not the same as dressing up as a fictional slasher,” …“More so with the series that just came out, I don’t want to see a f***ing Jeffrey Dahmer on Halloween.”

“White people, do NOT dress up like Jefferey Dahmer for Halloween this year,”

“Since it’s officially October I feel like people need to be reminded that serial killers are not Halloween costume.”

“No one wants to see your skinny blonde boyfriend dressed as Jeffery Dahmer. Real people were and still are affected. Victims’ trauma is not your Halloween costume.”

He was sentenced to 15 consecutive life sentences but was beaten to death by fellow inmate, Christopher Scarver in 1994.

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