People are Pointing Out a Major Potential Plot Error in Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2


Fans of Stranger Things are pointing a major potential plot hole in  season four volume two.

From the scenes that were improvised to Eddie’s amazing guitar solo, Volume Two has been labeled some of the shows greatest scenes.

However, some very observant fans believe they have spotted a plot hole.

In the scene when the kids from Hawkins are planning to defeat Vecna, Robin, Steve and Nancy all walk into the monster’s house but Dustin and Eddie head towards a trailer home to distract the flying demons.

They secure the perimeter by putting up a fence, covering up windows and blocking the entrance.

This involved using power tools to DIY themselves to safety…which prompted some fans to ask the question, how is there electricity in the Upside Down?

Where is the electricity coming from…?

Some fans are baffled online while others are stating that it is a fictional show and we should just enjoy it and not poke holes in the plot…what do you think?

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