People are Reacting to the “Chaotic” Rumors that Kim K and Tom Brady are Dating


Rumors of a potential romance between Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady have been swirling online, but let’s take a closer look at what’s really happening before we get too carried away.

Like many outlandish dating rumors in Hollywood, this one originated from a blind item on Deux Moi, an anonymous Instagram account known for sharing tips about celebrities.

It’s important to approach such rumors with caution and skepticism.

On Sunday, Deux Moi posted a blind item titled “Starlet looking for a vaca property & maybe more.” The item hinted that an “A-list reality star” was seen touring homes in a warm location, using a golf cart belonging to a recently single “A-list athlete.”

Fans immediately jumped to the conclusion that the unnamed star couple referred to Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady, both of whom are single following their respective divorces from Kanye West and Gisele Bündchen.

The next day, an inside source seemed to support the story when they told Page Six that Kim had recently traveled to the Bahamas to visit a property at Baker’s Bay Golf & Ocean Club, an exclusive members-only residential community where Tom owns a home. According to the insider, Kim sought advice from the retired football star before her trip, which could explain her use of his golf cart.

A “well-placed source” confirmed to Page Six that Kim and Tom are friendly and that she had contacted him for advice on Baker’s Bay.

News of this potential connection quickly spread online, prompting a mix of shock, amusement, and references to the infamous “Kardashian Curse,” with some Twitter users urging Tom to run.

Despite the speculation, a representative for Tom denied any romantic involvement, and a source close to Kim stated that while they have mutual friends and business connections, they are not dating.

This is not the first time Tom’s name has come up in Kim’s relationship timeline, as Kanye had mentioned him during their divorce proceedings.

In a September 2022 Instagram post, Kanye praised Silicon Valley investor Andreessen Horowitz, and Tom reacted with emojis.

Kanye appreciated the endorsement and mentioned Tom in another post, suggesting that he must also dislike Pete Davidson, Kim’s ex-boyfriend. Later, during an interview with Alex Jones, Kanye directly addressed Kim, advising her to marry someone like Tom.

According to a report, Kanye’s mention of Tom may have prompted Kim to reach out to him and offer an apology. The Sun claimed that the two have known each other for years and have recently reconnected. During Kim’s visit to the Bahamas, Tom allegedly helped her with property suggestions, and they had dinner together.

Ultimately, it seems that these rumors are the result of two newly divorced A-listers spending time together and enjoying the luxuries of the Bahamas.

While the speculation has been entertaining, it’s important to remember that for now, it appears to be a platonic connection between Kim and Tom as they navigate their post-divorce lives.

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