People are Saying Netflix’s New Comedy Movie is Funniest Film they’ve Seen in Ages


Netflix, in its ongoing mission to provide entertainment and laughter in a world filled with challenges, has unveiled a new comedy film that has garnered quite the attention of its viewers. In a time when revisiting classic comedies is a common pastime, the opportunity to discover fresh comedic content is always a welcome diversion. For those seeking a dose of humor and a change of scenery, “Old Dads” is a delightful option currently available for streaming on Netflix.

Directed by the renowned Bill Burr, celebrated for his distinctive style of comedy, “Old Dads” boasts an impressive ensemble cast. Bill Burr himself takes on the role of Jack, one of three best friends at the heart of the film. Joining him are notable actors like Bobby Cannavale, Bokeem Woodbine, Katie Aselton, and Reign Edwards, making for an intriguing and promising lineup.

The film’s official synopsis sets the stage for the comedic journey: “When a middle-aged father and his two best friends sell their company to a millennial, they soon find themselves out of step and behind the times as they struggle to navigate a changing world of culture, career, and fatherhood.” This premise hints at the humor and relatability that “Old Dads” promises to deliver.

As with any new release on Netflix, the platform’s subscribers have been quick to share their thoughts on social media and forums. The “Netflix Bangers” community on Facebook, in particular, serves as an insightful gauge of how Netflix viewers are receiving this latest offering.

The response to “Old Dads” has been somewhat divided, which is not unusual for any comedy. However, one thing is undeniable: a significant number of viewers have found the film to be genuinely funny, accomplishing the primary objective of a comedy—eliciting laughter. One enthusiastic viewer declared, “OLD DADS funniest comedy I’ve seen in ages!” on the Facebook page, while another noted their appreciation for Bill Burr’s involvement in the film as a writer, director, and producer. They also pointed out that several of Burr’s comedic colleagues made appearances in the movie.

A third viewer shared a sentiment that resonated with many, praising Bill Burr’s stand-up comedy and observing that “his comedic routine comes out in this movie.” They found the film’s exploration of the challenges faced by individuals in Burr’s age group in the context of modern “woke culture” to be highly relatable.

Despite the positive reception from viewers, “Old Dads” has not been met with universal acclaim. Some critics have expressed reservations about the film, leading to a relatively low 18 percent critic score on Rotten Tomatoes. However, it’s worth noting that the audience score stands at an impressive 90 percent, reflecting a more favorable reception among viewers.

CNN’s Brian Lowry acknowledged Bill Burr’s stand-up success but questioned the timing of his transition into movies, describing the film as “fitfully funny” in its attempt to bring his signature comedic style to the big screen. Meanwhile, Brittany Witherspoon of Screen Rant noted that while “Old Dads” may not be the worst directorial debut, it fell short of delivering a more profound or meaningful message within its raunchy comedy.

In summary, “Old Dads” offers a fresh source of humor on Netflix, making viewers laugh and reflect on the quirks of navigating modern life. It may have garnered mixed reviews from critics, but its strong audience score suggests that many are finding it to be an entertaining and amusing addition to their Netflix watchlist. The film is now available for streaming, providing a lighthearted escape for those in need of a good laugh.People are Saying Netflix’s New Comedy Movie is Funniest Film they’ve Seen in Ages

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