People Issue Warning after Using AI App to Create Professional Headshots


The rise of AI technology in photo editing apps has led to a surge in users transforming their casual selfies into professional-looking headshots.

Among these apps is Remini, which has gained immense popularity on TikTok, accumulating over 1.4 billion views under its hashtag.

One TikTok user, known as @Gracesplace, demonstrated the app’s capabilities, leaving viewers astonished by the transformation.

Grace submitted a photo of herself smiling in her car and, after running it through Remini, received several photos showcasing her with a professional demeanor, adorned in a blazer with perfectly styled hair and makeup. See below:


#CapCut #ai #remini #fypシ

♬ 3:15 (Slowed Down + Reverb) – Russ

To use the app, users first select their gender and upload up to ten images of themselves. They then choose a ‘model image’ that aligns with the desired style and theme, such as ‘trendy’, ‘Korean aesthetic’, ‘travel’, and ‘curriculum’. For Grace’s professional headshot, she chose the ‘curriculum’ category.

Once the photos are processed, users can use a swiping function to narrow down their top picks, similar to a dating app’s interface.

While many users have been pleased with the results, some have expressed dissatisfaction with the AI outcomes. Several individuals complained that the app appears to make them look slimmer, leading to concerns about body image. One user even mentioned that it made her appear 80 to 100 pounds lighter, with another labeling it as ‘fatphobic’.

Others were not satisfied with their headshots, deeming them ‘bad’ or unfit for professional purposes. For instance, one person who wanted to use the app to enhance their LinkedIn profile found that the decreased weight in the photos was too noticeable and, therefore, unusable. See below:

When you cant use your AI headshots becaude it took of 80 pounds and everyone would notice… 😅🙃 #remini #ai #aifail #aifails #aiheadshot #aiheadshots #funny #fail

♬ 3:15 (Slowed Down + Reverb) – Russ


Despite these concerns, some users adopted a positive outlook, viewing the app’s effects as motivation for potential weight loss. While acknowledging the app’s lack of body type input options, they saw it as an opportunity to visualize what they could look like if they put in the effort to lose weight.

The AI technology behind Remini is undoubtedly impressive, allowing users to explore different styles and presentations through their photos. However, it also raises ethical considerations regarding body image and representation. As photo editing apps continue to evolve, developers must remain mindful of the impact these alterations can have on users’ self-perception and confidence.

While Remini and similar apps provide entertainment and creative possibilities, promoting body positivity and offering options for users to embrace their natural appearance should be a key focus in the development of such technologies. As users continue to explore the potential of AI-powered photo editing, fostering a responsible and empathetic approach to image alterations will be essential in building a more inclusive and supportive digital space.

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