Piers Morgan Says He And Paris Hilton Are Still Technically Married


In today’s episode of ‘Things That Happened That We Had Absolutely No Idea About’. Piers Morgan and Paris Hilton got married. Yep. Me neither.

Morgan took to Twitter to congratulate Hilton on her marriage to Carter Reum, but thought he’d take the opportunity to remind her that they’re technically still married.

Apparently the pair tied the knot in Vegas for a TV show in 2009. Who knew? Who cares?

Morgan said:

“She’s still my wife, technically. We got married in Vegas for a TV show. True story, there’s video of it.”

“We had an Elvis lookalike, a Frank Sinatra lookalike, a Marilyn Monroe lookalike.

“She wore a beautiful bridal gown, brought a dog with her, I got to kiss the bride, we exchanged rings.

“My actual wife was a little bit bemused.”

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