Plane Passenger’s Screen goes Viral, ‘Should be Jailed’


A plane passenger recently faced the wrath of sports fans after a photograph of him not watching the Super Bowl went viral.

The image, taken inside a darkened cabin, humorously captured everyone on the flight glued to the NFL thriller between Kansas City and Philadelphia, which the Chiefs won 38-35.

However, one passenger opted to watch the romantic comedy “Hitch” instead of the game. See below:

This decision sparked a debate on social media about whether or not this passenger should be jailed for not watching the Super Bowl.

While some users on social media criticized the passenger for not participating in the most-watched sporting event in America, others came to his defense.

Barstool Sports labeled the passenger as “the biggest try-hard on the planet.”

The outlet stated that “This guy wanted to send a message. He wants everyone on that plane to know he views himself as a superior being because he would never possibly engage in activity as lowly as watching the Super Bowl.”

Despite the criticism, some Reddit users defended the “Hitch” rebel.

One user suggested that the passenger may not have been into sports and that they may have preferred to watch a movie. They commented, “Perhaps they aren’t into sports, I love sports and thought that the Super Bowl was a good game, but who am I to judge someone who doesn’t watch it on his screen especially when he can glance over at his neighbor’s screen and see the score if he wanted.”

In response to the backlash, the passenger has remained anonymous, and it is not known whether he will continue to choose movies over sports.

While many on social media have criticized the passenger’s decision to not watch the Super Bowl, others have suggested that it is a matter of personal preference and that everyone is entitled to their own hobbies and interests.

As the debate rages on, it is clear that not everyone shares the same passion for sports, and that it is important to respect each individual’s right to choose how they spend their time, even if it means watching a romantic comedy instead of the Super Bowl.

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