Preserved Great White Shark Body was Found in Abandoned Wildlife Centre


A remarkable discovery was made at an abandoned wildlife park recently: a preserved great white shark.

The shark, named Rosie, was once a main attraction at the park, located in Australia.

The story of how Rosie ended up at Wildlife Wonderland is a tragic one. She was caught in a tuna fishing net off the coast and couldn’t escape. To prevent further suffering, she was humanely killed.

The great white shark was finally rescued in 2019. Credit: RosieTheShark/Facebook

In 1998, Wildlife Wonderland acquired Rosie’s carcass and put her on display after conducting an autopsy following reports of a missing person off the coast.

Rosie was placed in a tank filled with formaldehyde to preserve her body.

However, the park fell into disrepair and closed down in 2012, leaving Rosie floating in her tank amidst the decaying surroundings.

Despite being abandoned, Rosie remained a popular attraction. People broke into the park to see her, which sparked a new wave of popularity, but also vandalism.

A video circulated of someone trying to smash the glass of Rosie’s tank with a hammer and throwing a TV into it. The attacker did not succeed, but Rosie was left alone.

In 2019, Rosie was rescued and acquired by the Crystal World Exhibition Centre, where she is once again on display for the public to see.

As YouTuber Lukie Mc said, “It’s amazing the things people leave behind when they’re packing up and abandoning a place for good, but a preserved great white shark has got to be up there.”

“Rosie’s story is a tragic one, but it serves as a reminder of the dangers that marine life can face. The fact that she was caught in a fishing net highlights the need for responsible fishing practices that minimize harm to our oceans and its inhabitants.” says marine biologist Dr. Sarah Smith.

Despite her sad history, Rosie has become a source of fascination and inspiration for many.

Visitors can now admire her at the Crystal World Exhibition Centre and learn about the importance of marine conservation. Through Rosie’s preservation, her legacy lives on, serving as a reminder of the need for greater care and protection for our oceans and its inhabitants.

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