Price is Right Host Bob Barker’s Cause of Death Revealed


The news of Bob Barker’s death was first announced on August 26, with his representative, Roger Neal, revealing that Barker had died from natural causes at his Hollywood Hills residence. In a statement to NBC News, Neal expressed profound sadness at the passing of the iconic TV figure, referring to him as the “World’s Greatest MC who ever lived.”

The cause of the legendary TV host’s death has been officially confirmed as Alzheimer’s disease, according to his death certificate.

Barker passed away at the age of 99, and while he privately battled Alzheimer’s, he never publicly addressed his diagnosis.

Bob Barker’s illustrious career in the world of game shows began when he started hosting “Truth and Consequences” in the mid-1950s. He later expanded his role as a game show host when he took over the revival of “The Price Is Right” in 1972. Barker became a fixture on daytime television, remarkable for the fact that he missed only one taping of the CBS series during his 35-year tenure as its host.

In 2007, Bob Barker decided to retire from “The Price Is Right,” passing the torch to the show’s current host, Drew Carey. During the show’s August 31 episode, Carey paid tribute to his predecessor and celebrated Barker’s multifaceted career.

“Most people remember Bob from the 35 years he spent hosting ‘The Price Is Right,'” Carey remarked. “So it’s easy to forget that for 18 years, he was a fixture in America’s living rooms for ‘Truth or Consequences,’ a radio host before that, and a naval aviator during World War II. We’ll also remember Bob for his tireless work on behalf of all animals from whales and elephants to the cats and dogs who reminded everybody at the end of the show to get spayed or neutered.” Carey continued by emphasizing Barker’s legendary status and the significance of his time on “The Price Is Right.”

Bob Barker’s contributions to the world of television were widely recognized during his career. He received 14 Daytime Emmy Awards for his hosting of “The Price Is Right” and was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award for Daytime Television in 1999. In 2017, he was inducted into the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ Hall of Fame, which he described as a culmination of his professional life.

Reflecting on this recognition, Barker stated, “This really culminates my professional life. It’s about as nice a thing that could possibly happen to anyone in television.”


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