‘Priceless’ Moment Paris Hilton Walks into Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix Party and ‘No One’ is There


Paris Hilton experienced an unexpected twist during her appearance at a Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix party, creating what onlookers deemed a “priceless” moment. The socialite and DJ, known for her glamorous entrances, appeared taken aback when she arrived at the Virgin Hotel Las Vegas for a DJ set and was met with a less-than-anticipated crowd.

Dressed in a custom bedazzled racing jumpsuit, Hilton lifted her sunglasses to survey a half-empty dance floor and tables. The scene was captured in a video posted by the Instagram account @real.vegas.locals, accompanied by the caption, “The priceless moment when Paris Hilton realizes there’s no one there at the F1 after party 😂😂😂.”

Netizens quickly reacted to Hilton’s not-so-grand entrance, with one person humorously suggesting, “The panic set in the moment she lifted those sunglasses.” Another speculated on Hilton’s inner thoughts, joking, “‘My agent is so fired.’ Ouch!!!!! All of op’s, Host’s and marketing are fired!!!!!!”

Paris Hilton

A playful comment remarked, “Security holding back a whole lot of no ones…,” while another quipped, “She came in late and was still early 😂😂😂.” References to the sparse crowd evoked comparisons to bingo night attendees, adding an amusing element to the reactions. Despite the initial surprise, fans sympathized with Hilton, noting her gorgeous appearance and expressing assurance that she would still receive payment for her DJ set.

Paris Hilton.

However, some viewers pointed out that the short video clip provided only one perspective of the party and that other footage showed a more crowded scene. Hilton herself shared photos from the event, illustrating a bustling crowd of enthusiastic partygoers as she manned the DJ booth. Her Instagram post showcased the lively atmosphere, with fans dancing and capturing the moment on their phones.

“Had a blast DJing for the @Hilton X @McLaren Stay on the Grid Experience at the @F1 #LVGP! 💙🏎️👱🏼‍♀️🔥#HiltonForTheStay #ParisForTheSlay,” Hilton captioned the series of snapshots, countering the initial narrative of an underwhelming turnout.

Despite this successful redemption, Hilton’s history of DJing for Formula 1 events has not always been smooth. In 2021, she faced technical difficulties during a private party at the Hilton Bentley Miami/South Beach. Partygoers experienced a sudden interruption in music, prompting Hilton’s husband, Carter Reum, to take the stage and engage the crowd while the issue was resolved. Hilton, displaying resilience and composure, returned to the DJ booth after a brief hiatus, earning praise for her handling of the situation.

Paris Hilton, who married Carter Reum in November 2021 and welcomed their first child, Phoenix, via surrogate in January, continues to navigate the intricacies of her multifaceted career and public appearances.

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