Prince Harry Interview Viewers Spot Detail in Background that ‘Makes Blood Boil’


Prince Harry has dropped another shocking interview with TV network ITV which was released on Sunday and viewers spotted something in the background that made their ‘blood boil’.

The Prince opened up about his struggles with mental health, the trauma that followed after the death of his mother at such a young age and his issues with the British press.

Despite some shocking revelations, some viewers were distracted by something rather odd in the background.

The door handles appeared to be upside down…

Some people took to Twitter to write:

“Just starting #HarryTheInterview and before its actually started I’m already annoyed…… the door handles are upside down,”

“Oh yeah!! Well spotted (it’s annoying me now….)”

“#HarryTheInterview the thing from this interview that is really making my blood boil. Who put the doors handles on upside down!! Just can’t concentrate on anything else!”

Did you notice?

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