Prince Harry Praised for Loving Gesture to Meghan Markle


Prince Harry has been praised online for a loving and romantic gesture he made towards his beloved wife, Meghan Markle.

The couple and the new Prince and Princess of Wales made an appearance outside Windsor Castle following the death of Queen Elizabeth II to greet well-wishers and to see the flowers, gifts and notes of respect and condolence for the late monarch.

The four were all dressed in black and took their time speaking to many of the thousands of people who waited patiently to catch a glimpse of the royals.

After the couple were finished, the Prince opened the door for his beloved wife and closed it behind her, a gesture that has been praised by many.

Fans took to the web to share their love for the kind gesture:

‘Say what you will about Harry and Meghan but he puts his arm around her back and opens her car door for her. He loves her. That gets a swoon from me.’

‘#PrinceHarry opens the door for a lady. A real gentleman!’

‘Prince Harry goes around and opens the door for his wife, goes round and shakes hands with the crowd, before getting into the car. He is his mother’s son indeed.’

See below:

The last time the four were photographed together publicly was early in 2020.

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