Priyanka Chopra Gushes Over ‘Dreamy’ Nick Jonas as Joe, Sophie Turner Head for Split


Love and support shine through the midst of swirling divorce rumors, as Priyanka Chopra takes to Instagram to express her affection for husband Nick Jonas.

This heartwarming display of love comes in the wake of reports that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are heading for a split.

Chopra, the talented actress and global icon, shared a radiant selfie of her and Nick, captured while they were joyfully driving together. Their smiles reflected the happiness they shared as a couple. However, it was another post that truly caught the attention of fans and admirers.

In a solo shot, Nick Jonas, one-third of the famed Jonas Brothers, was pictured gazing out of an airplane window, bathed in sunlight.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra couldn’t help but use the word “dreamy” to describe the image, and she adorned her post with a heart-eye emoji, a clear indication of her adoration for her husband.

Nick Jonas

While Priyanka Chopra publicly celebrated her love for Nick, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have maintained radio silence on social media following reports of their relationship struggles.

According to TMZ, the couple has been grappling with “serious problems” over the last six months of their marriage. The outlet also noted that Joe, a 34-year-old actor, has been spending the majority of his time with their two young daughters while on tour with Nick and Kevin Jonas.

In response to these difficulties, sources have claimed that Joe Jonas is on the verge of filing for divorce, with his team already in contact with two divorce lawyers in the Los Angeles area. Additionally, People magazine has reported that the DNCE member has a divorce lawyer on standby.

The couple, whose romantic journey began in 2016 and culminated in their wedding three years later, has faced mounting speculation regarding their relationship’s stability. Joe’s decision not to wear his wedding ring during several recent shows contributed to this speculation, though he did sport the ring during his performance in Austin on a Sunday night.

In another noteworthy development, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner made headlines for selling their Miami mansion in August, less than a year after their relocation to Florida. This move fueled rumors of their relationship woes, further intensifying the spotlight on their marital status.

In contrast, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have shown a united front. They exchanged vows in December 2018 after less than a year of dating and are now proud parents to a 1-year-old daughter named Malti. Their love and happiness continue to serve as an inspiring example, providing a glimmer of hope and positivity in a world often filled with uncertainty.

Meanwhile, Kevin Jonas, another member of the Jonas Brothers trio, has been happily married to his wife, Danielle Jonas, since December 2009. The couple shares the joys of parenthood with their daughters, Alena and Valentina. In the midst of changes and challenges, these individuals continue to navigate the complex landscape of love, relationships, and family with the support of their fans and the world’s watchful eyes.

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