Queen Elizabeth’s Net Worth was So Big She Left Behind a Fortune


Queen Elizabeth II’s net worth was so large that she left behind a fortune for her family.

Her late Majesty net worth is a little complicated as a lot of what she “owned” technically belongs to the Royal Firm and not her personally.

The crown, through the Firm (aka “Monarchy PLC”) has almost $28 billion in assets.

It’s assets include The Crown Estate which has $19.5 billion, Buckingham Palace is worth around $4.9 billion, Kensington Palace is worth around $620 million, the Crown Estate Scotland has $592 million and so on.

Some of this belongs to the Royals, while some of this belongs to the British Treasury.

The Crown Estate technically does belong to the reigning monarch for the period of time that they are on the throne, however it isn’t their own private property.

It is in fact owned by an outside board. In 2020, the Crown Estate made £475 million in profit and the royals received 25 percent of this. The remaining 75 per cent went to the British Treasury.

Queen Elizabeth II had $500 million in shares that were her own. These come from a very large art collections, huge jewelry collection and real estate. She also inherited her mother, the Queen Mother’s estate which was around £70 million.

Queen Elizabeth’s stamp collection alone was valued at £100 million.

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